The Flow of Well Being – 1st blog post!

This blog has been set up as a place to share insights, ideas, tools and thoughts I find useful in becoming more consciously aware of the ever-present flow of well being. “The Flow of Well Being” Facebook page has links to videos, webs and writings on this topic. This blog will be for longer posts.

Matthieu Ricard, a Tibetan monk, described it well in a lecture. He spoke about how our emotions are like the waves, they rise and fall. When something good happens we are happy, but after a while that feeling fades. 

If we go beneath the waves of the surface to the deep constancy which is ever-present below, we can experience the well being which is always here.  

As we move into awareness of that underlying flow of well being, we exist more and more in a state which is steady and enduring. We can then ride the waves of emotion with more pleasure and make better choices along the way, too!

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One Response to The Flow of Well Being – 1st blog post!

  1. Sherri says:

    My kind of topic! Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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