RESET – Refresh Your Mind and Emotions

Refresh ButtonWhen things get messed up on a webpage we can click the REFRESH button. When an electronic device doesn’t work right we can do a RESET by shutting it down then restarting it, or taking out the batteries and then restarting.

But what about when our minds feel overloaded or our emotions are all tangled up or we’re just plain stressed out? Wouldn’t it be nice to do a reset or refresh? The following is a suggestion of how to do just that.

1) Notice your breathing.
Just notice how the air goes in and out without any need to control it. If you find you want to take a deeper breath and begin to relax, go ahead.

2) Blowing gently.
Begin blowing a little on the out-breath, like when we say, “Whew!” or blowing out a candle. If your mind seems very active, count 10 out-breaths. Otherwise, just enjoy how your body begins to easily relax.

3) Skin balloon.
If all of your skin was a big balloon, exactly what shape would it be? Check your fingers, arms, legs and feet. See the shape that your “skin-balloon” makes. How much space is inside your skin?

4) The air goes in and out of your “body balloon.”
Feel how the air goes in and out of your body. Expanding, releasing. Expanding, releasing…

5) Sense the room.
Shift your attention to the room and make an inventory of where the walls are, how high the ceiling is and where the floor is. Notice the air in the room. Get an idea of how much air is in the room and how large the space of the room is.

6) Outside the building.
Now move your focus out through the walls and into the out-of-doors. Notice the air outside. What  impressions come to you – hot, cold, windy, clear, damp… ?

7) The aliveness outdoors.
There are things that are alive outside — grass, trees, birds, animals… maybe even flowers and butterflies. Notice the life force energy in all the living things. The grass is growing; the trees are, too — even in the winter the roots of the trees are growing underground. Notice how much LIFE there is. See and feel all the vibrant growth and aliveness.

8) The whole picture.
Now become aware of the whole picture – the air and vibrant life force outside, the air inside the building, and the air and aliveness in your own body.

9) Enjoy it, then open your eyes.
Take a few more breaths and enjoy this wider awareness before opening your eyes.

10) You have now been RESET.

Of course, you can modify the process so that it will suit you perfectly. I hope you enjoy using it!

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