Effort or Ease – Getting Things Done

I was reminded recently that there are both easy and difficult ways to accomplish things. A story my friend Jim told me about moving a large rock is a good illustration of how working with the universal energies can make things so much easier than just doing things on our own.

Jim was working at a retreat center whose mission was recording the teachings of the world’s elders. They wanted to get videos of these elders while they were still able to pass on their knowledge and wisdom. When the elders came to the center, workshops and opportunities to meet with them were also offered.

Jim did much of the work at the center and was the principle builder of a stone chamber which was used for ceremonies and sacred work. To build this chamber he was involved in moving hundreds of stones, so he had a lot of experience with moving and lifting rocks.

One day Grandmother Kitty, a Native American elder, was at the center to lead a sweat lodge. Having the group she was working with build the sweat lodge together was part of the process. Grandmother Kitty spotted a large flat rock and decided it would make a good doorstep for the sweat lodge.

As the group dug out the rock, they discovered that it was much bigger than they had thought. It was about the size of a coffee table and went down deep; it was much too heavy for them to move. They certainly tried their best, and Jim had a lot of experience moving rocks, but try as they might, they could not lift it.

An Aborigine elder was also at the center that day and the idea came to Jim to ask if he could help. It turned out he was not too far away and was talking with Grandmother Kitty. Jim asked him if he had any advice about how they might move the rock.

Jim told me that the Aborigine elder was actually enjoying “chatting up” Grandmother Kitty and did not want to be bothered, but he came over and said quickly, “You go there, you there, you there, you there,” (arranging four of the rock diggers in the four directions). Then he indicated they were each to put one hand under the rock. He started a little humming “Ooommm,” and they easily lifted the rock up and out.

As they were lifting, the girl across from Jim (one of the four people lifting) started saying, “I can’t believe we’re doing this, I can’t believe…”

To which Jim said, “Just do it!”

Think of the potential this story illustrates! Instead of laboring over tasks and challenges that come to us, there may be far easier ways to get things done, more graceful methods, better solutions. The rocks and boulders that crop up in our lives would not be so daunting if we were able to move them in an easy and harmonious way. No need to strain, to feel overwhelmed or overburdened.

When we do feel like that, maybe there is another option that is outside of our normal way of operating. Maybe the power of the universe can be utilized in an easy and helpful way if we can just align ourselves with that potential. A good possibility to be open to!

Writing the above blog post was a good way to make it clear that I wanted to find ways that I could do things in much easier ways by accessing the wider potential. Browsing on the internet that evening, I came across a video of an interview with Jean Slatter, the author of Hiring the Heavens. Here was one method to do just that!

It certainly pays to get clear on our desires. I have already started hiring!!

Jean Slatter video intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuLGZ_03F3U

Book on Amazon: Hiring the Heavens: A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation

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