Using True Statements to Dispell Loneliness, Unhappiness…

Although we may understand that thinking negative thoughts only brings us down even more, sometimes it can be difficult to change that. Afterall, trying to improve something takes effort, desire and will. If we are unhappy, it can seem impossible to shift to being more positive. So here is something that is not so hard to do, but can make a profound difference and bring relief. 

Start making true statements. They can be about anything. Mundane things are easiest.

“I am sitting down.”
“I have ten fingers.”
“My shirt is the color we call blue.”
“I am wearing a watch. It says that it is 2:00 pm.”
“The room has a window. I see living things out the window that we call trees. They are moving a bit.”

Keep the focus on making the statements as true as possible. Either saying the statements out loud or writing them down will work.

You can experiment with trying to make the statements more descriptive. For example, “I am wearing a watch,” could become, “There is a device here on my wrist that  keeps track of my relationship to the sun.”

It doesn’t matter if you could prove these statements to someone else or defend them in any way. The idea is to intend to speak truth — just say or write what seems truthful to you.

This intent will set up a flow of truth that will be very helpful. Why?

One reason is that our dismay, sadness, loneliness and negativity all come from illusion. The deeper we go into feeling separated from love, abandoned, alone, whatever… , the more we are moving into untruth.

So when we resolve to be truthful, even about extremely easy and mundane things, we alter our course from untruth to truth. And the more we go in that direction, the better we feel.

Another reason we get relief from the truth-telling is that maintaining untruth takes energy. It is a lot easier and takes less effort when we are not constructing an alternate reality. If you feel tired, dropping the untruth can be like a weight off your shoulders or a breath of fresh air. Pretending all the time is hard work. We often do it to protect ourselves, but it can be a real drag on our well being.

If there are things you don’t want to face right now, you don’t need to go there. You can just stay with the easy, mundane true statements or other subjects that don’t bother you. You will still feel better. This is not about baring your soul. It is about shifting out of untruth.

The wonderful thing about doing this is that it is simple, and doesn’t take much effort, which means we can still do it even when we don’t feel good. Thank goodness!

All best to you!

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1 Response to Using True Statements to Dispell Loneliness, Unhappiness…

  1. This is the first time I’ve opened your website, and I’m so delighted with this piece!! I’ll surely keep reading more and will share this with anyone who is feeling depressed. with love and thanks from Gobind Sadan, India, Mary Pat Fisher

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