Our Contribution to the Expanding Universe


NileCruiseGazer-207bWhen we look out into our world and focus on that which we see there, we are contributing to the expansion of the universe. We are therefore playing an important, vibrant role in the agenda of the universe.

Basic concepts:
• Difference tones in sound (called combination tones in german).
• The universe is constantly expanding; the agenda of the universe is to expand.
• We as humans have self-awareness and abstract thought ability.
• Our thoughts are forms, thought forms, that have an existence.
• We are god-like, in that we, like The Creator, are creators.

When we look out into our world, everything we focus on is producing a 3rd thought form. There is ourselves, there is the object or concept we are focused on, and there is a third concept which is created by the combination of the two.

In sound frequency when two notes are sounded, a third note is heard
(if it is within our hearing range). A440 and 330 will produce 110. When tuning a piano, the frequencies are so close, eg. 440 and 443, the resulting note is perceived as beats, because the resulting tone is only 3 cycles per second.

If I look out the window and see a squirrel, there is me, the squirrel and my perception of the squirrel. My perception is absolutely unique. All that is my own unique composition and history plays into it. No one else will perceive a squirrel on that day in exactly the way that I do. I have therefore created a completely unique and never-before-created contribution to the universe as a whole.

The universe is all about expansion. That’s what this universe does. So I and you and each human being, we all are contributing to that simply by being here and having our perceptions, our perceptions of the world we see around us and the concepts and ideas that we mull over in our minds.

We may question our own self-worth, feel we are not contributing, that we have no value, or that our lives are inconsequential, but that is not true at all. Just by being alive as a human with a mind that brings a uniqueness to each perception we have in the course of our days, just that alone already is adding to the expansion of the universe.

The agenda of the universe is to expand, and we are each contributing to that in a way that no one else can. That means we are each valuable.

Feb 24, 2017

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