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1MedEyes25-cover-Sept11-FRONTRev. B. Anne Gehman: About Life, Love, Mediumship and the Spirit World. Through A Medium’s Eyes Series, Volume 1.

Do our pets still come around us after they die? Do our deceased loved ones know what we are doing and what we are thinking? What happens when a person takes their own life? Do psychic mediums–who communicate with people in the spirit world, spirit guides, and master teachers–believe in God? In the “Through a Medium’s Eyes” series, Ruth Shilling interviews those with the gift of clairvoyance, or “second sight,” to find out how they see this world and the next. Each book brings to you the perceptions, beliefs, and knowledge (and lots of stories!) of one of these extraordinary people.

More about Rev. B. Anne Gehman at her website.

2medeyes-carol-8-cover-19may2017-frontCarol Gasber: About Life, Love, Mediumship and the Spirit World. Through A Medium’s Eyes Series, Volume 2.

In this book, in addition to answering questions about life, love, mediumship, and the spirit world, Carol shares about her OBE experiences with a light-being teacher, explains the three bodies and why we need sleep to energetically “recharge,” tells about the arrival of her “personal assistant” (a spirit person), and much more. In addition to the wonderful stories, there is also advice about meditation, ways to connect with loved ones in spirit, and tips for out-of-body explorations.


1MMM-cover-37-FRONTThe “Color It True” Series. The Adult Coloring Books that Draw Good Things to You!
• Marvelous Manifestation Mandalas, vol 1
• Magnetic Manifestation Mandalas, vol 2
• Miraculous Manifestation Mandalas, vol 3
•Angelic Manifestation Mandalas, vol 4

Now you can get extra benefits from the time you enjoy coloring! The mandalas in this book have an open center just waiting for you to put in your words, symbols or pictures. When you are choosing the colors and filling in the spaces, it is easy to feel relaxed, gently focused and free. This is actually an ideal state to manifest lots of good things in your life!

To enter the Kingdom (the place of ultimate abundance) become like a child (live in unfettered possibility).

By using these mandalas you can:

  • Have more of what you enjoy in life — specific things and/or general feelings
  • Get clarity on questions and decisions or on how to handle situations
  • Send helpful healing, power or prayers to people and animals you care about
  • Make cards for birthdays, celebrations or thank-you’s
  • Use them as a gratitude meditation or to give affirmations a boost

Just write whatever you would like in the center and then color in the mandala.

The book begins with a 10-page introduction explaining the different ways to use the Marvelous Manifestation Mandalas. Included are tips for getting the best results with your manifestations — what is most likely to work out well and what does not. There is also a list of examples, to get you thinking of what YOU would like!

With an array of both simple and complex patterns, there are 33 designs in each “Color It True” book. Most are printed one-per-page, with a few on the half-page for easily making thank you or birthday cards.

This is Volume 1 of the series “Color It True” Adult Coloring Books that Draw Good Things to You.

VlnCover-28Jan2016-w800-36SUCCESS with the Violin and Life: Strategies, Techniques & Tips for Learning Quickly and Doing Well.
Ruth Shilling, 2016.

Most people are spending more time and effort than is needed when practicing the violin. Learning violin skills and techniques can be easier than you might think! Whether it is playing faster, shifting confidently, developing a fine vibrato, or perfecting your spiccato, seasoned violin/viola teacher, Ruth Shilling, shares with you concepts, strategies, and tips that will put you on the shortest, easiest route to your goals. And an added benefit is that these same success principles and skills can be applied to the rest of your life, too!

There are step-by-step strategies for solving difficulties as well as exercises to improve your overall technique. Memorable mini-stories from the author’s own experiences help you remember key concepts and principles, and it’s all in an easy to read format, including an index, so that you can either browse quickly through or read what you want to know in more depth.

This book is for you:

  • Music students playing violin, viola, cello or bass
  • Parents helping your children succeed–instilling capability and confidence
  • Adult string players upgrading your skills and technique
  • Music teachers looking for some fresh ideas

The Best Strategy: Least Amount of Effort  •  Shortest Amount of Time

There are strategies and techniques for:

  • Vibrato–arm, wrist, finger, sound-idea concept
  • Rhythms & using the metronome more easily & effectively
  • Improving tone, musicality, and phrasing
  • Three types of memorizing and ways to combine them
  • Auditioning well, performing at your best
  • Getting the most out of your practice time
  • Playing faster and more accurately
  • Shifting between positions with confidence
  • and so much more!

Some of the principles and concepts included are:

  • Building from success to success
  • Goals and the most direct route
  • Evaluating which skill sets are needed
  • Meeting challenges
  • Creating desired outcomes
  • Updating and upgrading
  • Teachers & mentors, groups & tribes
  • Entrainment and sympathetic resonance

Some of the mini-stories included:

  • “I can’t play it fast enough”
  • Breaking a Habit
  • Playing with Itzhak Perlman
  • Playing through her fear
  • Mother Teresa Comes to Boston
  • “He is happy to have me play the violin now”
  • Playing with “Baba” Olatunji
  • A Teacher who got Results
  • Using a Vacation from the Violin to his Advantage
  • Playing with Ray Charles
  • Hearing the Brahms Requiem in a New Way

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SINAISINAI: The Desert & Bedouins of South Sinai’s Central Regions
Ruth Shilling. 2003

This book contains 168 full-color photos of the desert environments in South Sinai’s central regions and the local Bedouin people. The text includes descriptions of the lifestyle of the Bedouin–including a step-by-step series of the Libba bread-making process–their marriage practices, and tribal roles.

Includes: index, driving distances, and a map showing where each photo was taken.

Photos and text are by Ruth Shilling.