Our Contribution to the Expanding Universe


NileCruiseGazer-207bWhen we look out into our world and focus on that which we see there, we are contributing to the expansion of the universe. We are therefore playing an important, vibrant role in the agenda of the universe.

Basic concepts:
• Difference tones in sound (called combination tones in german).
• The universe is constantly expanding; the agenda of the universe is to expand.
• We as humans have self-awareness and abstract thought ability.
• Our thoughts are forms, thought forms, that have an existence.
• We are god-like, in that we, like The Creator, are creators.

When we look out into our world, everything we focus on is producing a 3rd thought form. There is ourselves, there is the object or concept we are focused on, and there is a third concept which is created by the combination of the two.

In sound frequency when two notes are sounded, a third note is heard
(if it is within our hearing range). Continue reading

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Creating a New Future

• What is it that determines our futures?
• Why is it that some affirmations or visualizations work and some don’t?
• What determines if someone will have a spontaneous healing?

The next moment will be determined by a close match to the present experience. If the visualization or imagining you are doing is profound enough to affect your entire energy imprint (a fully embodied, with every fiber of my being experience), the experiences that become your future will be a close match to that purposely created now.

This is why affirmations have a potential to work well. If they help us go into a state where our now moment is more to our liking, then our future moments will also be more to our liking.

If they don’t give us a with every fiber of my being experience but instead give us a partial experience that is closer to what we want, then our future moments will reflect just that. We will be closer to what we would like but not actually there yet.

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Sympathetic Vibration, Entrainment and Spoon Bending: An Interview with “Modern Day Seer”

Ruth Shilling, M.M., is interviewed by Maxine, the Modern Day Seer.
From Lily Dale Assembly, July 2016.

There is a 30-second AD FIRST
and it also takes a minute to boot up.

Sorry about that, but it cannot be avoided.
It was broadcast on blog talk radio.


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Manifestation Interview with Amy Green

Topics covered: Manifestation, Sympathetic Vibration, Entrainment and some of Ruth’s journey.
From the FATV studio in Fitchburg, Mass. June 2016.

This is an edited version.

The full 28-minute interview is at:

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Using True Statements to Dispell Loneliness, Unhappiness…

Although we may understand that thinking negative thoughts only brings us down even more, sometimes it can be difficult to change that. Afterall, trying to improve something takes effort, desire and will. If we are unhappy, it can seem impossible to shift to being more positive. So here is something that is not so hard to do, but can make a profound difference and bring relief. 

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Effort or Ease – Getting Things Done

I was reminded recently that there are both easy and difficult ways to accomplish things. A story my friend Jim told me about moving a large rock is a good illustration of how working with the universal energies can make things so much easier than just doing things on our own.

Jim was working at a retreat center whose mission was recording the teachings of the world’s elders. They wanted to get videos of these elders while they were still able to pass on their knowledge and wisdom. When the elders came to the center, workshops and opportunities to meet with them were also offered. Continue reading

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Dealing with a Difficult Relationship – A Process for Change

A friend of mine recently was having trouble with her daughter-in-law. There were all kinds of accusations about my friend not helping enough, not doing things with the grandchildren, etc., none of which were actually true, and which were obviously excuses or ways to rationalize a deeper agenda. My friend was at her wit’s end about how to best handle this.

 When we are emotionally mired in a situation ourselves it can be hard to get any nice, clear guidance about how to handle it. Our emotions can plug up the pathways through which good guidance would normally come to us.  Continue reading

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RESET – Refresh Your Mind and Emotions

Refresh ButtonWhen things get messed up on a webpage we can click the REFRESH button. When an electronic device doesn’t work right we can do a RESET by shutting it down then restarting it, or taking out the batteries and then restarting.

But what about when our minds feel overloaded or our emotions are all tangled up or we’re just plain stressed out? Wouldn’t it be nice to do a reset or refresh? The following is a suggestion of how to do just that. Continue reading

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“I know what to do now” – the power of being in the flow

Yesterday I spoke with a friend who was trying to decide when to retire. He had a bunch of conflicting feelings and was deadlocked within himself about what to do.

We discussed it for a while. When the conversation switched to what I was doing, I told him about the questions I had been working with (see March 28 post – “The Power of Inquiry”). The questions are for dealing with things that are bothering us – things we find upsetting, that bug us, etc.

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Two Processes Using the Power of Inquiry – “That’s Better!” and The Work of Byron Katie

2 Sets of Questions to help us see the truth more clearly 
and enter the flow of well being.

The “That’s Better!” Process
Dealing with something upsetting that keeps coming up in our minds.

1) “If ____ sticks in my mind there is something valuable in it for me.”
If it were NOT something worthwhile, it would drift by and not be considered.

A reminder of this is good at the beginning. It sets the stage for the rest of the process.

2) “_____ is now in my life, so it is part of my life story.”
Whether I like it or not, this image/event/idea has now been included in the story of my life. I cannot pretend it away or erase it. It is now part of the script in my life’s drama. If I don’t accept this fact I will not be able to be in the truth. 

3) Ask, “What does this image/event/idea have to offer me?” 
List multiple possibilities of what this could offer – both helpful and unhelpful, no limits. Just let ideas come to mind without evaluating them.

– Read more and see video>

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